Collection of photographs

Collection of photographs consists of photos by Lithuanian photographers and photographers of other countries. Pictures show views of Lithuanian towns and townships, former manors, churches and small architecture, figures of Lithuanian politics, education and culture, professors, pupils and students of Vilnius University and other schools. Juozas Čechavičius‘photograph collection is especially important to Lithuanian culture history. Juozas Čechavičius (about 1819–1888) is an outstanding Lithuanian photographer of the second half of XIX c, author of photo albums „Vilnius views“ and „Album of Neris coasts“.  J. Čechavičius came to Vilnius in 1865 and opened a studio which worked in Botanical Garden up to the death of the photographer.  The photographer worked most fruitfully in Vilnius in the period 1872–1883. After his death in 1888 the studio with its whole photo archive was inherited by Anna de Rotte, who in 1889 married Vincentas Slendzinskis. Anna Slendzinska, used the negatives left by J. Čechavičius to print photos with views of Vilnius and its surroundings. No less interesting is the Suprasl Orthodox Monastery photograph collection. Still functioning Suprasl (Poland) Orthodox monastery at the beginning of XVI c. had been funded by the marshal of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Aleksandras Chodkevičius (about 1475–1549) and Orthodox bishop Juozapas Soltanas (about 1450–1521). The Orthodox Church-fortress was built with the interior later decorated with frescoes and iconostas. After signing the Union of Brest the monastery in 1609–1823 belonged to the Basilian monks. In XVII–XVIII c. Suprasl Basilian Monastery grew to an outstanding religious, cultural and scientific centre with a rich library and publishing house.  In 1824 the monastery was returned to the Orthodox. Historians might be also interested in the Album of photographs from the Russian Tsar Alexander III coronation ceremony, hold in Moscow in 1883, published in 1896 by Polish photographer Jan Mieczkovski.