Collection of old prints: Collectio Imaginum Sacrarum; Theatrum Principum

The collection contains prints originating from Western Europe, dating from the 15th–18th century that for a long time were kept pasted into two leather-bound books bearing the titles Collectio Imaginum Sacrarum and Theatrum Principum. The first book consists of 311 prints and the second one of 370. In 1979–1985 the prints were restored and currently are kept as separate, unbound sheets. Prints depicting religious themes dominate in the first book and portraits are present in abundance in the second one. The collection covers the 15th–18th century.

Eminent engravers: German – Johann Unger, Johann Klauber, Philipp Kilian, Martin Engelbrecht, Johann Sysang, Elias Wideman; French – Baltazar Moncornet, Peter Aubry; Dutch – Boetius Bolswert, Claes Visscher; Flemish – Antoni Wierix, Pieter Jode, Aegidius Sadeler, Gilles Rucholle; Czech – Bartholomaeus Strahovsky.