Collection of Autographs

Value of documents is not the same; however each document may be useful for researchers as an authentic material to witness the history or the fact of life. Almost all documents have their own history of coming to the Library. Autographs in Russian language and quite a number of other items were donated in 1903 to Vilnius Public Library by Alexander Vladimirovicz Žirkevicz (1857–1927) – a military jurist, who wrote verses and belles-lettres works, a collector of autographs. Part of the collection documents is from the Polish Library in Versailles (Vilnius University Library in Versailles), others – inheritance of Vilnius Public Library to which people in order to avoid possible tsar‘s repressions or sad outcomes passed over their personal treasures (e.g. Adam Mickiewicz‘s poem – autograph). General whole of the collection is significant and interesting in itself. Chronological limits of the collection: XVI –XX c.; written in Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, French, Latin, Slavonic Chancellery, Byelorussian and other languages.