Archives of nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Representatives of rich and influential noble families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, later Rzeczpospolita (from XVII c. also noblemen of Prussia) – the Radvilos and the Sapiegos – served as the highest political statesmen – voivode, chancellor, hetman, marshal, Church officials. These noble families possessed castles, manors and residences all over the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Vilnius University Library Manuscript Department holdings include archival material of their domains.  It consists of documents of property managing, domain administration, economic activities legal processes, as well as personal and business correspondence; there are also documents related to their official responsibilities.

Kėdainiai manor and town – an important historical, cultural and political centre of Lithuania, seed-plot of Reformation - was possessed with intervals up to XIX c. by the Radvilos, a rich and powerful noble family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, by its Biržai-Dubingiai branch. After the 1863 uprising when the Russian authorities exiled the last owner of Kėdainiai M. Čapskis to Siberia the library and the archives compiled in Kėdainiai manor went to Vilnius Public library. Part of it was inherited by Vilnius University Library. Kėdainiai manor archives documents, currently stored in the VUL Manuscript Department, F4 collection are provided here.